Since 2010, this colourful tapestry of humans have all spent some time on The Hill. The silence seekers, noisemakers, life changers, warriors, dreamers, poets, adventurers, mystics, activist, preachers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, storytellers, bakers, wine drinkers, firestarters, wildswimmers, musicians, playwrights, harlequins, fundraisers, community builders, spacemakers, beer makers, meditators, Shambala Warriors. The brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons.

You can read their kind words and see the impact of being on The Hill had on them in their articles and posts from around the web. If you click on their faces you will be taken to their work.

You are all so beautiful. Thank you for finding the gift within yourself and giving it to others.


Kind Words


Mentions on the Web

"I was in it only for the dance between myself, each footstep and the narrow line of support that held me suspended in the air. Falling off mattered not, because it was all part of the dance." The Way You Do One Thing Is the Way You Do Everything - Bethan Christopher, founder of Grow Your Own Gorgeousness.