Pierre Regné lives and works in Fosse.  He and his family have been organic farmers for many years. The soundtrack to the village in the winter and spring is the cowbells worn by his beef herd as they graze in the valley. In the summer months they are taken into the higher mountains to fresher pastures as the temperatures here rise into the mid thirties and the grass turns yellow with the sun. The transhumance is the annual migration of the cattle and sheep. Every year, Pierre rides his horse and gathers a small group of friends who help him to usher his cows up the mountain.

He is gentle, softly spoken with eyes as clear as day. He loves these animals and he loves his work.

"Do they have names?" the reporter asks. "Yes" he says. "Zsa Zsa, Juliette, Jade, Joyeuse, Julia, Jambe..."

Listen to him being interviewed by France Bleu and fall in love with the Cowboy of Fosse.

Image Credit - Edith Llatas France Bleu

Image Credit - Edith Llatas France Bleu