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"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home" John Muir

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for digital nomads, founders and entrepreneurs



The House & The Hill is a meaningful mountain-based
retreat in the foothills of the French Pyrenees.

Stay when you need a break from the noise and pace of the city. Choose a place to stay in the village. With others or all by yourself. Be part of a small gathering of likeminded souls. Bring your work, your idea, your dreams or just take some well-earned time out to recharge. There will be other people on The Hill doing the same. And there is support from business mentors, teachers and coaches who can help you. There will be magic and moments of serendipity.

Join a global community of beautiful people reconnecting with their work in the wilderness of the hills. Work, live and play at your own pace.

And breathe, just breathe.


Open for nomad stopovers, short coworking adventures and project-based breaks. We have various places for you to stay. Take a look around the village and choose where you'd like to rest your head.


The Story

The House & The Hill began in 2008, when one day we woke up, opened our eyes and realised our work no longer satisfied us.  For all the long hours and the blood, sweat and tears, we were sitting on the material profits and comforts of the middle-class dream; talented, stressed and unhappy.

Something was missing.

We felt trapped and agitated – our expansive, creative and intuitive natures had somehow got lost in all the deadlines, meetings and badly-lit office blocks. The politics of the concrete jungle were dissatisfying and restrictive. Impersonal and insensitive, the people, noise and traffic of urban England were closing in on us and it began to taste sour.

Stressed, depressed and frustrated, asking ourselves "Is this really it?".

Something else was calling.

We held hands and dreamt of a mountain where the sky was endless and blue. Where the ancient rocky land stretched out for miles all around, untouched by Man and his modern machines.  We stood with our arms open, breathing in the cool, fresh pine-scented air and listening to the music of the birds and the wind in the trees.

Soaring like eagles in the open skies with the naked soles of our bare feet touching the warm red earth.

This was what it felt like to be wild and free.

We share this place and its transformative power to heal with you. It is a place to rest your head, recharge and take some time and space for your self. We do this with our eyes open, knowing that we have no idea what we will see and who will turn up on the doorstep. That's the nature of the mission.

We believe this work and these special places of retreat and refuge are needed more than ever before.

Our mission is to serve you as follow your path towards a brave and courageous life and we know that the path can be a hard one to tread alone. It is an ever moving, ever changing thing.

We are dedicated to providing shelter from the storm to those in need. 

Break through, go bravely and tread softly, dear friends.

You are not alone.

Emma & Anne


How to get here

How to get here



- 40 minutes drive from Perpignan, France -

Daily business flights from the UK into Toulouse
Low-cost flights into Perpignan and Carcassonne
High-speed TGV train links to Paris and Amsterdam

We are a train ride from the European tech capital, Barcelona.





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